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Katiebird Lane

Turtle Supplies

$ 3.99


Turtle supplies (safety eyes, and polyfil) now include a printout that include instructions for Katiebird's method. This includes instructions and colors/brands that went in yarn packs for the teal blanket that went viral in April. (Over70,000 shares on FB alone) Yarn for blanket and turtles are not included. 

 Pattern for turtles must be purchased separately. Link to Planet June's website is included in printout.  

Included with the printout is a link to our private group where we offer support and tips. All questions must be answered to be considered for the group. Members are added after tracking from USPS confirms delivery. No exceptions.  


Included Turtle Supplies ⤵️

*8 sets of safety eyes with backings. 

*Plenty enough polyfil to stuff turtles and eggs. 

No refunds or exchanges once payment clears. 



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