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Katiebird Lane

Facial Rounds. Absorbent/Gentle Exfoliation. 100% cotton reusable. Generously Sized.

$ 7.50


Package of 6

Perfect and ideal for a makeup remover, general cleansing, and/or with one of Kat's new Whipped Sugar Scrubs. :) Think outside the box.... kitchen and dishes, too. 

 Handcrafted 100% quality cotton absorbent scrubbies are generously sized at 3.5" wide. 

Reusable,Eco friendly and SMART. Save money and reduce waste by replacing commercially purchased cotton pads/balls with these pads that will last as long as your facial/body regimens.

Machine or hand wash when finished. Machine dry, gentle cycle or lay flat to dry. Care instructions included with each purchase. 

Currently this cream color is the only available. 

 8/1/2019 Due to the popularity of scrubbies, please allow 10 days shipping time. 


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