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Exfoliating Handcrafted 100% Cotton Soap Sack/Saver (Free Shipping US)

$ 4.00

Exfoliating, soap savers. You won't need another washcloth for bath. 

These hand-crocheted 100% cotton soap sacks are delightfully exfoliating. They create abundant lather. You can either put your hand in the pouch and suds it up like a washcloth, or keep a bar in the pouch. The sack contains enough room to create plentiful lather. 

Make sure to hang up the pouch to dry between uses, as wet bars will dissolve more quickly. Collect your soap ends in the sack, too. When done with bath, put soap in sack, hang to dry. 

Soap sacks beat a bar alone and are the ultimate personal washcloth being  economical enough to order one for each one of the household. 

Perfect for artisan soaps! We even use them for our dogs with crafted artisan dog wash. No more trying to hold furbabe while keeping track of soap, washcloth and furbabe.  

100% quality cotton. Machine wash, machine dry gentle, or hang/lay flat to dry. 

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