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Goals and Originality

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As I mentioned early last week, there are changes being made on the website, primarily narrowing pieces I will offer. I am "retiring" from making many of the style blankets I have in the past, as well as many smaller items, for a few reasons. Mostly for growth and have reaching a professional goal I have worked so many years to attain. 

For quite some time, a little over a year, I've had a intentions of working on building my portfolio for the mural type blankets after the experience of creating my first ocean themed blanket last year. I was immersed in the process of discovery with finding different "critters" to add and working with different textures and techniques to create a piece that no one else could copy.

Though one could certainly get close, because of the techniques I use on the turtle/mural blankets, it's impossible even for me, to produce two of the exact same pieces. I get asked for the pattern and what colors I used almost every time I post one of the blankets. Though I have borrowed pattern ideas for the critters from talented pattern designers, the truth is I don't use one as a whole for the blankets. I don't plan. I just go with the flow. The color placement is never the same, the scenery changes with each one. 

I feel I finally reached the milestone of being able to call myself  "artist" and I'm proud of myself. 

My goal has been to offer items to a target audience that represent my originality separate from fellow artists and with the turtle/ocean themed blankets I realized with the first one that I had nailed it. 

Recently I was gifted with the privilege of a professional challenge of taking my skills further. I was hired to created a Montana Mountain scene including snow capped mountains and the life that naturally occurs in the area. I am so very excited about this opportunity as well as presenting all of you with new unplanned specimens of the turtle/ocean themed blankets.

One other advantage to my narrowing down offered pieces is that I don't have to keep such a broad inventory and keep so many order lists for supplies. I also plan on adding pieces to the blankets eventually to create entire bedroom ensembles. This will be further into the future after I catch up on current commissions. 

My side gig is going to be the sugar scrubs. I have always been enamored with scrubs and nothing sets me off right for a productive day of work than a hot bath that leaves my skin feeling nourished and pleasantly scented. Truthfully, I'm not looking to make a big profit from the scrubs. It's more of the hobby and charging to support the new addiction of creating them.  

I thank you all so very much for the support you continue to give me. Being trusted with the privilege to create your one a kind pieces is one of the greatest compliments I could receive. I hope I can continue to make each vision even better than the last. I love my "job" and my people. Thank you for supporting a dream that I had as a child to become an independent artist. This continues to be an amazing adventure! ~Kat xoxo



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