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Christmas Delivery Announcement and Bookings for Custom Orders

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The last three years have been most successful for me with "Katiebird Lane" thanks to the utilization of social media, primarily Facebook. Thanks to those who admire my work, my works broadly circulate and I get many inquiries about creating custom pieces, almost on a daily basis.

Every few months, I will get a surge of messages from individuals interested in having a custom creation made. I haven't figured out why this "rush" of inquiries happen at different times, as I don't understand how algorithms, if that even has anything to do with it, work, but these events generally occur right after the winter holiday gift giving season and mid summer in the hot months. I am dumbfounded with these particular time frames of occurrences. I consider January to be the expense recovery period after holiday spending and figure folks are thinking about warm blankets in the dead heat of the summer months. 

This year has been no different with those rushes of incoming messages during the periods mentioned. The only difference being that this year the inquiries doubled. I spend much time communicating with potential customers about their visions, how I work, and the given time frame of expectation for their custom made creation to be delivered. For the last year, I have stayed booked 5-6 months in advance with commitment deposits for blanket deliveries. 

With that I regret that, at this time, I can't guarantee anymore Christmas deliveries for any new incoming orders at this present time. Perhaps, after I see how far I get on current commission commitments, I may be able to provide a few "rush" orders later in the fall, but at the present time the list is quite long. I don't like it when I order something for Christmas only to get it afterwards, or last minute days before, so I am not going to evoke those worries on my customers that I have made the promises to. 

Though the blanket listings will remain in the store, they will be edited to include a brief synopsis of this announcement. Anyone is more than welcome to place your deposit to get onto the list, and though it may still arrive around Christmas, there will be no guarantee. This is also subject to change with incoming orders. My workload changes almost daily. 

I am so grateful for the appreciation for my work. I never dreamed "Katiebird Lane" would be this successful and continue to show growth. I'm overwhelmed and humble with appreciation. I love what I do. I love my peeps You ROCK! xoxo. ~Kat




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