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A Scrub Break ($3 jars)

Katherine Gustafson

Using the blog seems like the easiest way to spread news so: 

As mentioned last week, I will be taking a break from sugar scrubs starting this week to complete some blanket commissions. Once I get into the blankets, I immerse myself and dislike interruptions of any kind. There will be a few more scrubs to go onto the site later this evening (7/22/2019), and once sold out, or by the end of this week, they will come off the site until the next go round. 

I leave for vacation in a few weeks and my fellas will be going on their Northwoods trip next week. It's the best blanket making time. Hoping for decent "open the windows" weather like we have today and a good selection of flics on the subscription networks,  to binge watch.  With all my Heart and the last few Sunshines being finished up. 

Meanwhile, all 4oz scrubs on the site are $3. I hope not to have any left so as to start fresh when I do the next run, and with the remodel still in process, though nearing the end, I just don't want anything else sitting around. 

I've also got some yarn that will need a new home. Though I'm hanging onto the colors I use in the mural blankets, I do have some "I Love This Cotton" that I found for .94cents a skein in "Rose Bud" (12) and "Papaya" (8). I've also got a few cakes including the DK Colors, Lionbrand Cupcake as well as a few random cakes. 

I'll get these on the website as I'm able to get photos and them listed. Please take all the scrubs off my hands!!! Use them for stocking stuffers or random gifts. I don't want to pack them away!! 

Sherrie, I started packing your box with the sunflower afghan colors up and found some you might be able to use for your gorgeous peppermint swirl afghans. I'll touch base with you via messenger as soon as I get caught up. xo

I love my people! ~Kat



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